Manslaughter Charges Dropped Against Man Who Killed Attackers in Violent Home Invasion

When Cameron Gardiner’s door was kicked in on the early-morning hours of Jan. 22, 2019, and three masked men burst into his home—one carrying a sawed-off shotgun—he and his girlfriend were watching a movie. After zip-tying the couple and Gardiner’s dog, the intruders took turns guarding them and searching the residence. What they didn’t know was that the robbery was all being recorded in real time via surveillance camera, which was linked to an app on the cellphone of Gardiner’s 19-year-old son, alerting him to what was happening. “My son kicks the door. I seen a flash of him there and I knew it was my boy. And buddy, the door hit him in the back, he dropped the gun, and I see my chance,” Gardiner told The Epoch Times of events that led to second-degree murder charges against him for thwarting the violent home invasion at his townhouse in …

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