Male Tiger ‘Adopts’ 4 Tiger Cubs After Their Mom Dies; Wildlife Experts Call Behavior ‘Rare’

A male Indian tiger has stepped up to fill the role of caregiver to four cubs after their mother died—and wildlife experts are calling the adoption “rare” behavior. The male tiger has been observed watching over the juveniles and bringing them dead prey for sustenance, as they are unable to hunt for themselves. The mother of the four 8-month-old cubs died at Panna Tiger Reserve in northern Madhya Pradesh on May 15, Hindustan Times reported. The reserve’s field director, Uttam Sharma, said that forest department officials located the tigress’s cubs and saw that they’d been taken under the wing of a male—known as P243—just two days after her death. The reserve is investigating the cause of the mother’s death. “The forest department observed the [male] tiger and the cubs for a month between May 20 and June 20 by setting up cameras in the territory of cubs, and found that the tiger killed …

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