Make Your Own Pasta Sauce With an Unexpected Ingredient: Egg Yolks

The egg yolks in this dish create a velvety sauce that coats each and every piece of pasta. Heat from the pasta cooks the yolks so that they’re safe to eat, but you need to warm them up slowly or else they’ll curdle and turn into scrambled eggs.
How to do it? Add hot pasta cooking water to the egg yolks, a little bit at a time. This slowly raises the yolks’ temperature, gently cooking them. This technique is called “tempering” and it also keeps the sauce smooth — save that scramble for breakfast!
Creamy Egg-Sauce Pasta
Serves 2
Note: You can substitute 6 ounces of any short pasta shape for the farfalle; however, the cup measurements will vary: use 2 cups of ziti, 2 cups of penne, or 2 1/3 cups of medium shells….

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