Macron Unveils 30-Billion-Euro Plan for Innovation and Industrial Revival

PARIS—France wants to be a leader in green hydrogen by 2030, and build low-carbon planes and small nuclear reactors as part of a 30-billion-euro ($35 billion) investment plan, President Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday. Macron said the road map, dubbed “France 2030,” would ensure France decarbonizes its industry, and brings innovation and production in key areas, from cars and bio-medicine to semi-conductors, closer to home by the end of the decade. The long-term plan, outlined six months before the presidential election, was swiftly criticized by the opposition as electoral campaigning, but Macron said those targets were key to ensure France’s rank in the world. Pointing to a shortage of masks when the COVID-19 pandemic first erupted, Macron said the crisis had exposed real vulnerabilities and the crucial need for France to have innovation and industrial production at home. “We must rebuild the framework for productive independence for France and Europe,” …

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