‘Love at First Sight’: Grieving Dog Gives Hugs and Kisses to Rescued Kitten at Their First Encounter

A grief-stricken dog who lost his Labrador sister received a wonderful surprise when his owner brought home a tiny rescued kitten. To the owner’s shock and delight, the pup’s first reaction was heartwarming.
When Emilia Ivan heard from a friend about a tiny kitten alone in a field in May, with no mother or siblings nearby, she didn’t hesitate to take her in and give her a home. The vulnerable kitten was only 3 to 4 weeks old and needed bottle feeding.
(Courtesy of Emilia Ivan)
Furthermore, if Emilia was going to keep the kitten, she needed to introduce her to her rescued dog, Martin, who lost his beloved sister, a Labrador named Alma, in 2021. However, she was unsure at first how Martin would react to the feline….

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