Lockdowns Continue in China Despite Beijing’s Claims of No New COVID-19 Cases

The Chinese regime claimed that there were no new domestic CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus infections in the country on Feb. 21 and that only one region, Wangkui county in Heilongjiang Province, would be a medium-risk region to contract the virus. But people in Hebei and Jilin provinces told the Chinese-language Epoch Times in phone interviews that they have been locked down at home since early January, bringing into question whether outbreaks were still raging in those areas. People who traveled from these provinces to other parts of the country were also required to be isolated at quarantine centers upon arriving at their destinations. Residents complained that they could not go to work due to the restrictions. With no income, it has become difficult to buy increasingly expensive food products. “We are on the edge of death,” said one resident of Shijiazhuang city in Hebei. His family has been stuck …

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