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Living as a Son of God in an Evil World

Clip from Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, May 23, 2021: Jesse tells his story, at age 72, then references the book of Nehemiah. Times back then were similar to what’s happening today.

FULL VIDEO: 05/23/21 Why Forgive Sweet Mothers? Alcoholic Fathers? (Church)


0:00 Jesse’s story at 72
5:53 Bank robber quit
6:59 Do not worry
8:45 Nehemiah
11:27 Bitcoin
12:11 Faith only in God

Jesse’s birthday was yesterday — he’s 72 now. He says he doesn’t know how he got here; it was meant to be. He finished high school by accident, and grew up on a plantation. Jesse tells his story, what he thought he wanted, and his wild days. Yet he always has been seeking the Father, despite the crazy things he did.

There is no comparison between God’s love and human love. There is no feeling, doubt, worry, or plan. BOND is 31 years-old, and Jesse has no plan, and does not know what to do next. “Experts” think you have to have a five-year plan.

We talk about sin and judgment. God wants to change the heart. Salvation is changing the heart from hate to love. Once you wake up with the Father, you realize you can’t help yourself with those things.

Jesse recounts counseling with a bank robber, a man who robs banks. If not a bank, he’ll rob a liquor store or someone. Jesse tells him he needs to stop judging himself for it. Try to stay away from it. Be aware, and go and forgive. The awareness has stopped him suddenly!

Be present with God, and all things will be added. Stay in the present. You forget about the thoughts. When people turn against you, it’s not a big deal. You don’t overreact. It’s better than magic. Return to the Father, and your life will change.

Some Christians try to control you, saying you’re going to hell.

Nehemiah: Times back then were just like what’s happening today

Jesse talks about reading about Nehemiah over the weekend. He was born in slavery with the Israelites. The things going on back then were just like today. The economy was bad, and intellectuals were out of control. Nehemiah’s days were before Christ came. Christ came and brought in a new world.

This earth is of Satan; he still rules. But for the children of God, God will rule us from within. There is no love in this world. Satan and his little demons are roaming the earth to see whom they can devour.

Some people are getting into bitcoin and other crypto-currency, while others are into other investments and the economy. But don’t put your faith in anything but God.

Live a simple life, a peaceful life. The Kingdom of Heaven is within. Stay with it. Many of you do the Silent Prayer for a while, and then stop. God said pray without ceasing. God is right here in the present.

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday 11 AM Pacific Time at BOND in Los Angeles, California, USA –


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