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LIVE NOW: NTD Good Morning (May 26): Biden, McCarthy Nearing Debt Limit Deal; SCOTUS Rules on Home Confiscation Case

President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy seem to be nearing a deal on
the debt limit. But will the two sides be able to finalize an agreement before default?
The Supreme Court made an unanimous ruling May 25, on a case involving government confiscation of real estate property.
And a look back at the devastating flood that swallowed up Kentucky’s Appalachian region last year. One of the flood’s victims has moved into a new home.
Topics in this episode include:
1. Biden, McCarthy Nearing Debt Limit Deal
2. SCOTUS Rules on Home Confiscation Case
3. Kentucky Flood Victim Moves Into Safer Home
4. California Electricity Shortages Unlikely This Summer
5. Up to 9 Hurricanes Predicted This Season
6. Retired Major General Helps Families of the Fallen
7. Memorial Day Preparation
8. Military Dance Company Performance
9. Chef Realizes Dream of Opening Restaurant
10. Virgin Galactic Completes Final Test Flight
11. Baby Parrots Smuggled in From Central America
12. Service Dog Gets University Diploma…

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