Lithuania to Leave CCP’s ‘17+1’ and Open Trade Office With Taiwan

As a member state of NATO, Lithuania has taken a firm stance against the challenges presented by the Chinese regime when it announced in February it will leave the Chinese-organized “17+1” summit and announcing it will open a trade office in Taiwan. “Why is a small middle-income EU country so keen to challenge giants like Russia and China?” Konstantin Eggert questioned in a commentary in Deutsche Welle (DW) on April 5. “The Baltic country’s decision to leave the Beijing-sponsored ‘17+1’ format is a reminder of what trans-Atlantic solidarity will mean in the 21st century,” the political analyst answered. As a member state of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Lithuania tries to build strong “relations with its NATO allies, especially U.S., Poland, Baltic, and Nordic states,” the government announced on Feb. 24. Leaving the “17+1” summit and opening a trade office in Taiwan are against the interests of the Chinese regime, the …

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