Liberals Set Short-Term Agenda as COVID-19 Weighs on New Parliament

With a new Parliament session opening on Nov. 22 and soon pausing for the holidays, the Liberal government has set its target on passing four pieces of legislation before the break. Government House Leader Mark Holland laid out the agenda during a press conference, saying his party will focus on providing pandemic financial aid, banning protests that interfere with hospitals, mandating a 10-day paid sick leave for federally regulated workplaces, and passing their legislation banning conversion therapy. “It’s my intention with all parties to operate in a way that is logical and pre-eminently reasonable so that we can find common ground,” Holland said. “But I also want to be clear that we’re here to get results, that Canadians have an expectation of us to deliver.” Holland said “with good will” from other parties he believes the bills will be adopted, while raising other issues that have been more contentious with …

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