Legendary Hercules and His 12 Labors Redeemed a Hero, But Can He Atone For ‘Toxic Masculinity’?

Masculinity under attack and fighting for its life! There’s no doubt—certain segments of society are taking aim at the traditional role of men. Woke shaving commercials are calling masculinity “toxic,” while popular men’s magazines are bending to feminize men; the trend of dethroning manliness is washing over the culture. Is there a hero—a champion for men—who can redeem him from the accusations of “oppressor,” “tyrant,” and “toxic masculinity?” One masculine hero might answer the call: Hercules (known as Heracles by the Greeks), who, according to Greek mythology, confronts his darker side and finds redemption. Young soldiers in ancient Greece once tackled issues such as those facing men today through myths, according to Prof. Lawrence Alison, who works to help former military and law enforcement confront post-traumatic stress. “The idea was that through storytelling, myths, and legends, and so on, we could gain some insight into and help discussions about difficult topics,” he …

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