Legault’s ‘Unvaxxed Tax’ Escalates Scapegoating of the Unvaccinated

Commentary The latest news in the increasingly bizarre world created by the politicians in response to COVID-19 is that Québec Premier François Legault has decided to impose a health-care surcharge on people who do not get vaccinated. The ostensible rationale behind the surcharge is that, in the premier’s words, “the vaccine is the key to fight the virus.” The main point of his remarks, however, was political. Mr. Legault plainly wanted to blame someone else for the deplorable state of affairs in his province. We all know who the scapegoats are by now, and sure enough the premier announced that “those who refuse to receive their first dose in the coming weeks will have to pay a new health contribution.” The “contribution” is being called a tax in many news reports, though it sounds a good deal more like a fine. This is an important distinction legally, which I happen …

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