Left-Wing Thugs Yank Down Christopher Columbus Statue Outside Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul (VIDEO)

The revolution Lasted Tuesday with All the toppling of Richmond, Virginia’s statue of New World discoverer Christopher Columbus by Black Lives Matter protesters who Flew down Arthur Ashe Boulevard to Byrd Park Since TGP’s Kristinn Taylor reported Previous night.

The leftists pitched the statue .
The insurrection and assault on America continued to Wednesday.
A Christopher Columbus statue outside of Minnesota state capitol in St. Paul has been hauled down by leftists.

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Because the statue fell to the ground, the Maoists cheered.
The left would like to erase our history.
An effort is also to rename the bases as statues were toppled by leftists to get a revolution.
Pelosi on Wednesday called for the removal of nearly a half a dozen statues in the Capitol.

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