Larry Johnson: Why Are Democrat Leaders Persecuting Law Abiding Citizens and Letting Criminals Walk?

Guest Article by Larry Johnson

The COVOID crisis juxtaposed with all the George Floyd riots has fully exposed the dual standard which Democrats, in addition to a few RINO Governors (i.e., Republican In Name Only), employ to average citizens trying to go about normal life and their entire surrender to anarchists. The contrast is stark.
A fantastic friend of mine with a condo which sits on the beach in Pompano, Florida has been out jogging along the waterfront seven weeks ago. He had been the only one in the beach as far as the eye would see until two authorities on ATVs showed up and threatened him with arrest if he didn’t get off the beach. He posed no danger to anyone and was not threatening property, but that didn’t matter to Broward cops who acted at the behest of Broward County offiicials.
We know that this type of stupidity isn’t restricted to Broward County. It is rampant in most Democrat led states, cities and counties across the United States as well as some ostensibly  Republican headed states (Maryland and Massachusetts come to mind). These control freaks are enraged if taxpayers need to assemble in groups in church or synagogue or mosque. “This can’t be allowed”, they shout.

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However, if you’re a rabble of marauding rioters hell bent Oregon, Washington, and California sat on their hands.
“I will not place a officer in harms way to defend the property inside a building,” states Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown.
Their restaurant or peaceful Americans who strove to go to function at their barbershop or their clothes store berated and were endangered and detained at the direction of their leaders at Democrat and Republican led counties and cities. If you wanted to visit the beach or the park to exercise or play Hell No!!, and NO
Not one of those officials had the grace to acknowledge their mistake when some of the criminals released murder and rape. These deluded Democrats have a thought about keeping communities safe from a disorder while looking the other way as they unleash criminals and mobs about the law abiding.
The Michigan Attorney General had a meltdown because Donald Trump was filmed not even wearing a mask within a Ford plant but stayed mute over rioting and looting at Detroit:

AG Nessel was asked if President Trump was welcome to Michigan again. Her response,”Well, I’ll say speaking on behalf of my department and my office That’s perfect! That is precisely perfect. I mean today’s events were very unsatisfactory and yet totally predictable… In Michigan that’s the law! And this is no joke! … I think we are going to get to have a very serious conversation with Ford… I would like to have Ford closed its doors because somebody got infected by this president.”

The bullshit and hypocrisy are now exposed. There was no reason to deny Americans of this Constitutional Rights using the danger of a disorder as an excuse to dismiss the law. There is absolutely no justification to ignore the law governing attack, theft and looting that has been allowed to go unchecked in the title of trying to pursue healing. Black retailers in Atlanta and Minneapolis have seen their own fantasies being carried out at the arms of thieves that were gleeful who could care less about the passing of George Floyd through broken windows.
George Floyd is now an excuse for lawlessness.
There is a reason you are not seeing this type of rioting crap throughout the majority of Florida–we have guns. If someone pushes their way in Virginia, thanks to pseudo black guy and Governor, Ralph Northem, you must flee. You take them. In Florida, we’ve stand your own ground. Antifa along with the Black Lives Matter anarchists have steered clear of all of Florida and know that. But in the Democrat strongholds of Broward and Dade counties, the cops were ready and suppressed riots. Only a reminder of why people have the Second Amendment.

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