Larry Elder Explains Why the Recall Failed | Larry Elder

During his campaign for governor of California, Larry Elder was constantly attacked by the left-wing media. The L.A. Times labeled Larry the “Black Face of White Supremacy.” When Larry called it out in an interview with The L.A. Times, they were speechless. Later, Larry was attacked by a woman wearing a gorilla mask during a visit to Venice Beach. The L.A. Times published an article with the title “LAPD is investigating altercation involving Larry Elder at Venice homeless encampment” with a misleading photo, making it look like Larry was slapping a woman. After receiving criticism, The L.A. Times changed the photo. Larry also talks about why the effort to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom failed, how the left-wing media treated him, how they tried to frame him by asking his opinion on the 2020 election result and abortion, and how Newsom got endorsements from left-wing politicians. Follow EpochTV on Facebook and …

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