Larry Elder Anticipates Winning the Election

California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder said he anticipates winning the recall election at his final campaign stop in San Pedro on Sept. 13. Elder was joined by the former California Democratic Sen. Gloria Romero, former Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado, and Wilmington Neighborhood Councilmember Valerie Contreras. “I will be very happy with the results. I anticipate winning. So there won’t be any questions about the result because I am going to win,” Elder said. Elder emphasized that there will be a surge of votes coming in on election day. According to the latest recall election polls, the polling average from July 14 to Sept. 14 demonstrates that 57.3 percent of voters surveyed opposed recalling Gov. Gavin Newsom, and 41.5 percent were in favor of removing him from office. If the recall succeeds, Elder will most likely replace Newsom and become the new governor, as he is leading with 29.7 percent of support …

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