Larry C. Johnson: Start Spreading the News, New York City’s Death Rattle

Guest post

Executioners and the celebrity protagonists are just two Italians — DeBlasio and Cuomo After the background of the meltdown of New York City is composed. The bulk of the attribute is on the failed Bill DeBlasio, that has headed the charge in eliminating bail requirements and opened the city into legions of homeless. As result, the city is descending into a grim version of hell not envisioned Dante Alighieri, by a Italian luminary.  .
It is not just the trash. The city is growing more dangerous by day. Anyone detained for theft or attack isn’t going to spend. Laws signed by the idiot Governor Cuomo ensures that no one detained must post bond. The end outcome shouldn’t surprise some sentient being half a mind –the City is being transformed into a free fire zone.
The administration and bureaucratic castration of the police is the icing on the very top of the heap of feces that are festering. Women and the men in blue who dare try to patrol or use order and walk the streets recognize they’re about their own. They are Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves except the Indians are hostile and vicious. New York’s best are not  dumb. The realize there is no upside to moving into the streets and attempting to impose an arrangement that is resisted. Human nature takes over and the police away and do so.

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The vicious, the strongest, the armed survive. The meek and the weak won’t inherit the earth. Jesus lied. The meek will be raped and robbed.
So what tourist in their own right mind will want to see this dystopian apocalypse of liberal delusions? Few. The tourist dollars are scant to non profit because of the Covid lockdown. But raising restrictions isn’t going to be accompanied by a flood of eager visitors. Why visit? Restaurant space is more restricted than previously. The streets are dirty and dangerous. Hell, reveals on Broadway are a thing of the past. You cannot sustain that kind of entertainment with just 50 percent capacity.
This isn’t a return to the insanity of their seventies. Those will appear to be the fantastic old days. Off the soul has cut on from New York’s denizens. Gone would be. Rather, the towers in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn are all full of meek souls cowering within their substandard cabinets which pass for flats.
Who will be the first to document the version of the timeless, New York, New York of Frank Sinatra?

Today, I am leaving,
Won’t be a part of the,
New York, New York
These rioting buffoons,
Insist they’ll remain
Right in its heart
New York, New York
I needed to wake up
But I its a garbage heap.
These big city blues
Are currently mounting every day
The Police have disappeared
In New York
I can’t be protected by them ,
There are risks everywhere
I am through with youpersonally, New York, New York

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