Larry C. Johnson: Mad Mask Hysteria and Other Pandemic Hyper-Hypocrisy

Guest post by Larry C. Johnson

TRENDING: NOT MAKING NATIONAL HEADLINES: Black Mass Shooter Kills Two winged Men at Indiana Before Being Gunned Down by CCW Holder (VIDEO)

Looks like the men in this movie are working on restricting the number of COVID instances in the USA. (I’m referring sarcastically to the discovery which labs around were declaring everyone tested as positive) If COVID existed when the Python gang left this flick, I suspect the body we see chucked on the death wagon from the clip probably died of COVID.
Let us start with the Mask insanity. Regardless of the incessant religious mantra of the media (such as Sean Hannity) on the requirement to put on masks, regardless of fiber or quality to be able to ward off the COVID, the science says differently.
Kudos to Laura Ingraham who tackled this topic Wednesday night with no hysterics and . Crazy girl, she just used science and peer reported studies.
There’s absolutely no conclusive evidence that sporting a face covering one is going to keep you or people virus. In actuality, it could harm you.
BMJ, by Way of Example, (not just a righting conspiracy group) noted the following:

Very little quality research exists in settings, particularly on the use of cloth masks. One randomized controlled clinical trial of fabric masks, published in BMJ Open at 2015, compared their efficacy with that of healthcare masks worn by hospital health care workers.2 The study, involving the industry partner 3M (which makes clinical masks), reported healthcare workers”should not utilize fabric masks as protection against respiratory disease.  Cloth masks caused considerably higher rates of disease than medical masks, and also performed worse than the control arm”

In an updated comment on the study (30 March),3 the authors explained,”There are a variety of laboratory studies considering the efficacy of different types of fabric materials, single versus multiple layers and also about the function that filters may play. Nevertheless, none are tested in a clinical trial for efficacy.”
We have the reporting warning that run nations that are Republican are being swept over by a tsunami of all COVID. Bring out your dead and operate, no hide, for your lives. (Additionally, lock your kids and keep them from school).
Don’t misinterpret my meaning–COVID is a disorder and some people are becoming sick and some are perishing. It is contagious. All authentic. Same can be said for influenza. COVID and Influenza kill people, but not many people.
However, you wouldn’t know that if you are currently seeing any cable news. The press, with few exceptions, is making no attempt to provide understanding or context. Fueling panic appears to function as the top priority.   Individuals with no background in health care will probably believe what they hear on TV without asking questions and demanding answers of experts, like Dr. Fauci, who’s taken opposite sides on precisely exactly the identical issue, like wearing masks.
Because I reside in Florida I have been getting emails and calls from concerned friends who are scattered around the country wondering if my family and I’m barricaded to ward off the pandemic holocaust.
At least in Sarasota/Bradentonour life goes on choices from local leaders who are caught up in the fear mongering. I keep to query friends/acquaintances about COVID–i.e., have they tested positive or do that they know somebody who tested positive. The answer is still.
Even the AP 11am newscast broadcast on WMAL today (Thursday)will leave the gullible gamer convinced that Florida is still in the middle of something like the bubonic plague, finish with Monty Python morgue plantations being pushed through the sunny neighborhoods accompanied by the cry,”BRING OUT YOUR DEAD.” But that’s not the situation.
I checked the latest stats to the hospital. The numbers for Sarasota Memorial inform a story that is less alarming. Complete beds=839. Overall number of Covid patients98. That means just 12% of those hospitalized are there due to COVID. Covid patients at ICU=19. I will do the math for you personally –COVID accounts for 26 percent of the patients.
No breakdown on the ages of people who are sick, but other nationwide stats show that in the event that you are below 70 your risk of dying in COVID is 0.04%. I’d play those odds in Vegas.
Florida has some hot areas, such as Broward and Dade counties at the Southeast corner of this state. That epidemic comes courtesy of folks from Mario Cuomo property (known derisively as snowbirds) who’ve fled the gloomy north to the shores and swaying Palm trees. However, at least at Florida our Governor, Ron DeSantis, is not a idiot like Cuomo. Instead of ordering retirement facilities which are filled to accept COVID patients, those who have COVID are being stored away from the very vulnerable.
When I am forcing to one of the commercial establishments to spend money, I amuse myself by restricting the number of drivers around sporting a mask tooling. They’re in a car by themselves but believe they are so poisonous they must conceal themselves to shield themselves. Where is Darwin when we need him?
I’m fed up by being lectured to by media and government morons who happily endorse mobs of Antifa and Black Lives Issue running around with no social distancing and masks, but melt on the fainting couch at the chance of peaceful, law abiding folks gathering together to worship or attempt to run a company which serves the needs of average folks.
1 last bit of anecdotal”evidence” A child who graduated high school at the Washington Metro area this spring is currently practicing with one of the powerhouses at the SEC. Last week he came down with COVID. What occurred? He felt more tired for a single day and had a headache. He mixing it up with his new team mates and was back on the field working out.
Do exactly what you feel you will need to do if wearing a mask makes you truly feel secure. However, leave the rest of us and remain six feet away. Oh yeah, clean your hands and don’t pick at your nose. By the way, did you remember to change your panties?

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