Larry C. Johnson: In Their Eagerness to Destroy Trump, Dems Are Destroying Black Lives and Black Futures

The obsessive and vitriol hatred consuming their fans and Democrat leaders is forcing them to pursue policies meant to harm Donald Trump. But the law of unintended impacts reigns supreme and the African American neighborhood is being actually savaged by the Dems. Turns out that under the Democrat calculus, Black Lives don’t matter.
Fear mongering, in conjunction with the BLM hysteria, is altering the landscape of education, from primary. That model appears to be the way of the one room school house that dominated that the Great Plains, although until March 1st, 2020, mingling with other students and attending a class was the standard in the USA.
Black children are a lot more likely than children to inhabit a home. Black children are far more likely to inhabit a home to a computer or the world wide web. And black children are far more likely than their latino, asian and white counterparts to want the meals provided at school.

What is the Democrat solution? Maintain the black children out of college. Blame it Covid and hope that the attribute and Trump stick together. But the children who are becoming damaged by the unified effort of Democrat Governors/mayors and Democrat leaning teachers unions to keep the schools shuttered in the autumn is not going to provoke an uprising against Trump. It ain’t the call of Trump.
Black children in today’s Democrat plantations–aka centers are uneducated and underserved. A child at Baltimore is very likely be unable cipher, write or to read at grade level and to maneuver through 12 levels. The Democrats’ solution? Keep them.
Disaster and the chaos in the basic and secondary schools is now going to be seen on a wide swath of colleges and universities. MIT and harvard already have declared no classes and no sports . Who does that hurt most? Athletes on scholarship.
Our current system’s ugly fact is that faculty programs are a important vehicle for ensuring students, primarily males, receive a college education. These programs offer tutors, meals, tuition, housing and also a discipline. You may not play if you don’t comply with the rules . The incentive of having to keep up a minimal grade point average has aided”inspire” athletes keen on remaining at the good graces of their trainers to embrace the discipline of analyzing and attending class. You may not play if you don’t do the work . What happens now when that incentive is erased? Also, what happens to all those athletes from single parent homes that still do not have computers or internet? How do”online” courses work for them?
I don’t believe the damage is going to be restricted to so-called amateur sports. There is very likely to be spillover to the world. The XFL has become easily the casualty. It’s but one of the victims of Covid and with its passing jobs for over 1000 athletes that are black vanished. Poof. Gone.
When you combine Covid using the Dark Mirror Matter hoax you receive a toxic brew that’s very likely to professional sports, especially soccer and basketball. Fans want to go to matches. They don’t need to have their noses rubbed in politics of any kind. They want to cheer their personalities and railing against competitors from some other portion of America. That is gone for this year.
Soccer is not a sport where you can social space. It’s full human contact on the field and in the stands. Anybody who has ever attended a Philadelphia Eagles game can attest to that. A Washington Redskin fan, a man, that showed up at matches dressed up as a Souix Chief discovered that the hardway. He had been attacked and spat on. Not since he was black the Eagles hate.
Nearly all soccer fans who attend the professional and collegiate soccer games are whitened. They don’t and won’t tolerate being called racists. They bristle at being branded as racists from 20 year olds than most of those fans earn ten years, earning cash in one year. Fans will vote with their feet and dollars. And as the riches that once flowed dry up that do you believe will bear the load of no cash? Black athletes. Helen Keller may see this.
My wife’s family has had Chiefs’ season tickets as 1964, once the team began playing in Kansas City. But guidelines for the upcoming year are departing my brother-in-law with no selection. He is giving up the household treasure after 56 years. Why? He has been told that he won’t be able to sit down in his seats that are twenty rows from the area on 45 yard line right behind the Chiefs’ seat. Apparently the NFL has chosen to vacate the first ten rows in most stadiums. And each team is inventing a different system which will let 50 percent of the fans, at most, to attend. I’m told that will only permit 14,000 fans per match.
Lastbut most critical, is that the carnage sweeping black communities and neighborhoods in the significant metropolitan centers. All are below the jack boot of Democrats. With the minority replacing law enforcement using squads — that despite media propaganda and lies, operate according to rules and below the power of the law — and focusing on eliminating authorities enabled by just capricious force. This potential horrifies black Americans in those communities. They are being abandoned to fend for themselves along with the signs points to a wave of mayhem and violence.
The charade that Dark Lives Matter will be exposed as a fraud in the coming weeks. All Lives Matter. The color of skin shouldn’t and can not dictate whether or not you can live in a neighborhood that is secure. At the moment, black that is accountable parents cannot allow their children play outside without stressing that they will be gunned down from some gang banger. And yes, that gang banger is most likely black.
The Democrat and media gang continue in spreading the lie which authorities pose the threat to black men and black girls and black children. Nope. Effective policing protects these communities, or tries to achieve that.
The remedy lies in combating the lie that America is inherently racist. We’re not. Our core values offer hope for some, not only for everybody. This is where the battle line must be drawn and in which the fight must take place.

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