Lara Logan on Antifa: 'America has to die in order for their world to exist'

Lara Logan on Antifa: ‘America has to die in order for their world to exist’

The journalist showed what Antifa has planned and how their “revolution” is supposed to grow.

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Award-winning journalist Lara Logan was on Fox News today breaking down Antifa’s goals based on her personal experiences as well as a document she presented this morning. It was more terrifying than anything we’re hearing from mainstream media, many of whom are going out of their way to defend the domestic terrorist group.

Here’s the Tweet she shared today that shows what Antifa has as their “Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement’s 10 Points of Action,” a document that declares the goals and means through which to achieve their version of an anarchy-totalitarian nation. They believe through anarchy, they can achieve a revolution that leads to totalitarian rule by their “communes.”

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This is what The NY Times & others want everyone to believe is a “conspiracy theory”. They came up with “data” to support their argument – problem is what they are saying isn’t true. Here’s the action plan for the people you see in black on every street where there are riots.

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Meanwhile, mainstream media outlets like the NY Times and CNN are running cover for the group, spreading their propaganda that they aren’t attempting a political and militant coup when, in fact, that is exactly what they’re doing. They have taken over parts of the Black Lives Matter movement, co-opting the death of George Floyd as a way to expand their ideology and rile up the people to revolt. These riots and looting sprees are not just about the police. That’s just a step in their plan. Their long-term goal is to spread the chaos to everyone in all parts of America in an attempt to bring us all to our knees.

Through anarchy, authoritarianism can rise. As authoritarianism rises and fails, totalitarianism is the subsequent recourse. We’ve seen it in the Soviet Union. China, Iran, and North Korea. We’re seeing it manifesting now in Venezuela and throughout the continent of Africa. And the forces behind Antifa want that to be the roadmap America uses to lead to its destruction.

If a media outlet is running cover for Antifa, they’re either being coerced to do so or they’re willfully ignorant to the truth. This isn’t a peaceful group with a few bad apples. This is a bunch of terrible apples spreading their vitriol among those who are taking to the streets. Many of the protesters came or the protests, but Antifa is doing everything they can to turn as many protesters as possible into rioters, and therefore their unwitting foot soldiers.

Put down the NY Times. Stop watching CNN. We need more people to pay attention to what real journalists like Lara Logan are warning us about every day. If you think this anarchy is about George Floyd, it’s time to stop drinking the mainstream media Kool-Aid.


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