LA Police Chief Under Fire For Saying George Floyd’s Death Was On The Rioter’s Hands

Throughout the fourth night of riots, LA Police chief Michal Moore spoke in a press conference along with other city *ahem*”leaders.” He stuck his foot into his mouth bigly by blaming the rioters and looters for the passing of George Floyd. His exact quote was”His departure is on their hands as far as it’s those officers.” The other Michael Moore
He walked these words back:

KCAL CBS accounts:

Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore apologized Monday for comments by which he conflated the looters who have vandalized businesses across L.A. with the Minneapolis officers accountable for the passing of George Floyd.
“We did not have protests last night, we had criminal acts,” Moore stated. “We did not have people mourning the passing of this guy, George Floyd, we had people capitalizing. His passing is on their hands as far as it’s those officers. And that is a strong statement, but I must say, but this civil unrest that we’re in the middle of, we have to turn a corner from people who are involved in violence.”
His comments came in a news conference Monday afternoon in which he announced that nearly 700 people were detained across the L.A. field Sunday for looting, vandalism and breaking curfew.

Members of the community called Tuesday for the elimination of Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore over a statement he made claiming that people capitalizing on the killing in Minneapolis police custody of George Floyd and using violence were responsible for his death as the officials.
Moore was, addressed by A line of callers, some using expletive-laced opinions during the Police Commission meeting broadcast on the internet quarantine .
“You have neglected everyone here and we do not trust you anymore,” said Amparo Astojic. “You need to get dismissed, Chief Moore. You need to actually resign.”
Kimberlee Isaacs stated she was mad.
“We need to defund law enforcement. This isn’t the way the city should act.”

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