LA County Cargo Trains Raided by Thieves, See 160 Percent Increase in Rail Thefts

Thieves are raiding cargo trains carrying packages in Los Angeles County and littering the railroad with thousands of opened, discarded boxes. The issue of abandoned stolen goods went viral with nearly 50,000 likes and 40,000 combined shares on Twitter on Jan. 14 by CBS 2 photojournalist John Schreiber after posting videos of thousands of discarded packages littering the ground outside Union Pacific’s LA Transportation Center, in the neighborhood of Lincoln Heights, about three miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles. “Missing a package? Shipment delayed? Maybe your package is among the thousands we found discarded along the tracks,” Schreiber wrote on Twitter. “This is but one area thieves have targeted trains.” Some of the opened and discarded packages included unused at-home COVID-19 test kits and EpiPens, according to Schreiber. In one Twitter post, Schrieber showed an opened package, which was destined for Washington, that came up as “delayed” when Schreiber typed in …

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