Kroger Employee Walks 5 Miles Daily to Work, Until Kind Motorist Offers a Ride—and a New Car

A young man, who works as a night stocker at a grocery store, used to walk 5 miles to work every day—until a stranger’s kind act recently turned that bitter situation around. One day, Kroger employee John Brandeberry, from Toledo, Ohio, was walking to work during a snowstorm. Motorist Jimmy Preston happened to see him. He pulled over and offered Brandeberry a lift. “When I picked John up in the worst of conditions he said, ‘I have to get there because a lot of people will call off,’” Preston stated on a crowdfunding page dedicated to helping Brandeberry. “John has never had a driver’s license,” Preston added. “Nobody ever taught him how to drive and his family could not afford driver’s ed.” After delivering Brandeberry to Kroger, Preston extended his kindness a step further, collaborating with local charity Blessing in Disguise to sponsor him for driving lessons. And the kind …

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