Kash Patel: Biden’s Stance on CCP’s Uyghur Genocide ‘a Serious Threat to the World’

President Joe Biden’s recent comments describing the Uyghur genocide in China as a matter of different cultural norms are allowing “outrageous conduct” to continue and pose “a serious threat to the world,” former Department of Defense Chief of Staff Kash Patel said in an interview on Sunday. “They are in genocide in China against the Uyghurs. That is factually not in dispute and for the leader of the free world to say genocide is a cultural norm is outrageous,” Patel told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo. “Could you imagine if President Trump said publicly that the Uyghur genocide in China, which everyone acknowledges, is a cultural norm? It would have been a global calamity,” Patel continued. “But because the left-wing media allows the politicization of our national security to continue just because Joe Biden said it, it allows for this outrageous conduct.” During a CNN town hall on Feb. 16, Biden …

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