Just 16 Percent of Organizations Rank Employee Retention and Engagement as Top Priority: Report

Less than 20 percent of organizations rank employee retention and engagement as a top priority, despite a global labor shortage, according to a new report from NTT DATA. The research (pdf) polled 1,000 business and IT executives across 16 industries in North America to uncover how organizations are prioritizing digital investments and strategies in the wake of constant disruptions stemming from everything from the global COVID-19 pandemic and social unrest, to workforce shortages and supply chain challenges. It found that just 16 percent of organizations deemed employee engagement and retention as a focus area for the next two years, despite the global economy currently in the midst of a “great resignation” in which millions of workers are leaving traditional workplaces and opting to work remotely. Even fewer organizations, just 5 percent, reported employee demand as a driver for strategic or operational changes. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’s October jobs report, released Nov. 5, showed that employers added more than a …

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