Judge Sullivan and Deep State Attorneys Argue Government can Continue to Charge You Hide Evidence Fine You and Bankrupt You AFTER Charges are Dropped

It is now obvious that America turned into a Banana Republic.
On the DC Circuit YouTube channel the oral discussion in his case will be live-streamed on Tuesday General Flynn Attorney Sidney Powell informed the supporters of Flynn.
The hearing took place on Friday afternoon at 9:30 AM Eastern Time .
** Here is a URL to the DC Circuit YouTube page.

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That the hearings.
** You can donate to this General Flynn Defense Fund here.
Throughout the hearing that morning Judge Wilkins brought up a race instance.
That is the state of the procedure in our country’s capital.
Following an hour-and-a-half it’s now obvious that the lawless deep state attorneys are arguing that the government has the right to target one, bill you, attack youpersonally, smear you, hide signs from you, good you, jail you and bankrupt you AFTER all charges are dropped against you.
That is the reason the reason you CAN NEVER vote for Democrats.
Today is another disgraceful afternoon for the Democrat Party and Obama White House.
What is currently happening to our nation?

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