Joe Rogan Accuses Biden Administration of ‘Gaslighting’ Americans About Recession

Joe Rogan pulled no punches on a recent episode of his eponymous podcast, in which the former UFC commentator railed against the administration for “gaslighting” the American people about the meaning of a recession after two consecutive quarters of economic contraction were reported on July 28.
On Tuesday, Rogan released episode 1,851 of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” an interview spanning over three hours with YouTuber and fellow podcast host Chris Williamson. At one point in the episode, Rogan and Williamson turn to the topic of the recent quarterly gross domestic product (GDP) report and the efforts of President Joe Biden to deflect the recession label. Rogan criticized the administration for tampering with the definition of the word “recession,” and claimed that politicians were “gaslighting” the American public by denying the label….

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