Joe Biden Tries to Lie About Coronavirus But Ends Up Making No Sense in Jumbled Word Salad (VIDEO)

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with Joe Biden?
Biden on Friday delivered comments and claimed China wasn’t trusted by him back in January.
Joe Biden asserts he predicted to get a Coronavirus lockdown prior to actions was taken by President Trump.
This is a clear lie as well as the Washington Post fact-checker has debunked this claim.

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Biden attempted to lie concerning the Coronavirus and that he ended up making no sense at all.
“Despite a litany of people appeals from a number of folks including me in January not to allow American lives and the U.S. market on the world hang on his optimism quotation the Chinese word,” said Biden.
Joe Biden faculties are deteriorating however the Democrats are still pushing on him as the front runner for 2020.

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