‘Joe Biden Is A Racist’ Website is Available for $100000 USD or You Can Purchase for $775192 Hong Kong Dollars

The Joe Biden is a Racist dot com website is selling for a 100,000.  Should you live in Hong Kong you’ll buy it for about $775,193 Hong Kong dollars.

In Hong Kong the site can be obtained for 775,193.

Another site should have been bought by a liberal.  The site is connected to a far-left Huffington Post post that slanders President Trump for phoning out five boys from New York who were accused of brutally raping a girl in Central playground.  This event occurred ahead of Donald Trump was in politics but obviously nothing is off limits to the far-left.  Joe Biden on the other hand has stated many remarks last 50 decades while in politics.

So he could eliminate fondling children in lying, embezzling millions through his household while in office and many, many corrupt and illegal actions Obviously Joe Biden is a Democrat. 

Hat tip Candice.

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