JOBS JOBS JOBS – Happy 4th of July! US Sets Record for Most New Jobs in a Month Ever! 4.8 Million Jobs Created in June!

The Trump economy continues to sizzle with arguably the most effective economic figures in US history.
There was a rise of nearly 5 Million projects! Along with the unemployment rate dropped to 11.1 percent, more than 2 points lower than May’s 13.3 percent!

The Trump White House is thrilled with all the news in July and the BLS should be another record.  The new tasks album smashed on the quotes, with CNBC coverage:

The report was released a day earlier than normal because of this July Fourth U.S. holiday.

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According to data released this morning by the Bureau of Labor Statistics,” President Trump added 4.8 million jobs into the economy in June. The economies are at a record pace and jobs are coming back! This is fantastic news. Earlier this, the United States and President Trump enjoyed the best economy in US and world history using the GDP at $23 trillion — more than any economy ever!
Up through February, the US economy had improved with more than seven million jobs in the three years.

Also based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics the US unemployment rate dropped to 11.1 percent.
President Trump is producing the American economy good.

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