Japanese Ambassador Praises Australia’s Response to Beijing Aggression

Japanese Ambassador Shingo Yamagami has praised Australia’s response to Beijing’s economic coercion and rejected claims that Japan was handling its China relationship better than Australia’s. Yamagami, in an address to the National Press Club in Canberra on July 21, spoke of how Japan-Australia ties had broadened over the past 15 years via trade, investment, as well as shared values and strategic interests. He emphasised that Australia was “not walking alone” when it came to dealing with “coercion or the threat of force.” “These words embody Japan and Australia’s determination to ensure our region is one where disputes are resolved peacefully, without coercion or the threat of force,” he said. “Indeed, Australia is not walking alone,” he added. “Japan fully supports Australia’s efforts to solve the ongoing trade disputes through dialogue, in accordance with international laws.” “I applaud the way Australia has faced up to tremendous pressures in a consistent, principled …

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