Japan Seeks More Military Allies Over China’s Assertions In Indo-Pacific

On Sept. 11, Japan and Vietnam signed a deal, enabling exports of Japanese defense equipment, vessels, and technologies to Vietnam. The deal aims to strengthen cooperation in defending against China’s expanding military presence in the Southeast Asia regional waters. The deal was signed in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, during Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi’s first overseas visit after assuming office. Kishi said that the accord signed on Sept. 11 had raised the defense partnership between the two countries to a new level. The two countries agreed to enhance their bilateral security cooperation, such as defense policy dialogue at the deputy ministerial level; consultation sessions between armed services; collaboration in personnel training, defense industry, overcoming war consequences; and participation in UN peacekeeping activities. The two sides plan to deepen protective relations through multinational joint exercises and other means. After the signing, the Japan Ministry of Defense stated that the transfer …

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