“It’s Obvious that Joe is Reading the Answers Off the TelePrompter” – President Trump Accuses of Joe Biden of Being Given Answers to Media Questions (VIDEO)

About Monday Democrat Party presidential candidate Joe Biden joined far-left AFL-CIO to get a virtual event.
The 77-year-old was visibly tired as he read from his teleprompter.
Biden was breathing very heavily and fought to speak.
At one point he seemed to give his staffers teleprompter directions,”Move it up here” he mentioned before reading his scripted notes.
This was painful to watch.

On Wednesday night President Trump joined Sean Hannity for a comprehensive interview.

President Donald Trump: Well the media in terms of what their doing is worse than what you’re saying since it seems to me as they’re asking him a question and then he’s reading a response from the Teleprompter. That would mean like your friend around, Donna Brazile… It seems to me like he has been given the questions and he’s reading the replies. That would mean to me the media is providing him the queries. They gave me the queries. I will inform you that… It’s clear that Joe is reading the replies off the Teleprompter.

Via Hannity:

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