It’s A Cult: Grovelling Celebrities “Take Responsibility” For Police Shootings In Cringy Video

Cue the white virtue signaling celebrities, who have strung with a cringy compilation video of all these vie for racism, police shootings, race based jokes, and all of the other sins they’ve committed.
The charade is being mocked by wacked out leftist websites.
You can see their eyes shifting about because they read their lines from a teleprompter. So genuine!

The script of the video is clear and laudable. Stars take turns reading, in part,”I take responsibility for each unchecked moment, for every time it was easier to ignore than to call it out for what it really was. Each joke. Every unfair stereotype. Every blatant injustice however large or small. Every time I remained quiet. Each time I explained police brutality away or turned a blind eye. I take responsibility. Men and women are being slaughtered in the roads. Killed in their own homes. These are our brothers and sisters. Our buddies. Our loved ones. We are done seeing them die. We are no longer bystanders. Enough is enough”
However, the celebrities’ performed earnestness during their line reads has drawn widespread mockery online, as Twitter users note a few Emmy-baiting performances as well as in some cases, ask white celebrities are speaking instead of simply donating a few of their millions.

The Daily Beast post describes this as”A-list roster may have hurt more than it helped,” which means we don’t know who half of these are. But they are Sarah Paulson, Aaron Paul, Kesha, Bethany Joy Lenz, Kristen Bell, Justin Theroux, Debra Messing, Mark Duplass, Bryce Dallas Howard, Julianne Moore, Piper Perabo, Stanley Tucci, Ilana Glazer, and Aly Raisman. Note that Kesha only appears for 3 minutes, because she couldn’t act persuasive enough or couldn’t read the lines directly.
You too can absolve yourself of your own whiteness by producing a cringe video and signing up in
The opinions, of course, don’t neglect:

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