Is There Too Much Money in ‘The Beautiful Game?’

Commentary For weeks the football world has been exposed to the enthralling story of Kylian Mbappe, a 22-year-old French wunderkind who plays for Paris Saint Germain (PSG), a prestigious club in the top tier Ligue 1 soccer competition in France. The club is owned by Qatari interests and, hence, is extremely moneyed. It has been able to sign international superstar Lionel Messi from Barcelona F.C., and Sergio Ramos from Real Madrid on astronomical salaries. Mbappe’s contract at Paris Saint Germain expires in June 2022 and, provided he does not renew his contract, will be a free agent on July 1, which enables him to join Spanish club, Real Madrid, which are keen to secure his services. For Mbappe, this would be the fulfilment of a life-long dream. For Real, it would make it a European powerhouse. From January 2022—just months away—Mbappe would have been eligible to sign a pre-contract with …

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