Iowa’s trans bathroom bill expected to be signed into law

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds is expected to sign a bill passed in the state legislature yesterday that would require public school students to use the restroom designated for their physical, biological sex rather than how they “identify.” Even in a conservative state like Iowa, not a single Democrat voted in support of the bill. The usual suspects are up in arms over this, while the bill’s sponsors said that the new law will “apply to everyone equally” and that accommodations for transgender students can not be made “at the expense of the privacy and safety of our daughters.” (Associated Press)

Transgender students won’t be allowed to use a public school restroom in Iowa that aligns with their gender identity under a bill that Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds was expected to sign into law after it got final legislative approval Thursday.

The bill received support only from Republicans, who argued it was needed to protect children who might feel uncomfortable sharing a restroom with a student whose gender identity does not match the sex they were assigned at birth. Opponents countered that the bill was unnecessary and could lead to harassment against transgender students.

This bill isn’t expected to receive any pushback from Governor Reynolds. She already signaled that she plans to sign another bill passed last week that would ban transgender medical procedures from being performed on children in the state.

The AP’s coverage of this story is notable because they continue to toe the progressive line and describe this legislation in the most negative terms possible. They sought out quotes from trans activists who claim that forcing students to use the bathroom designated for their actual gender “puts their safety at risk.”

The article also claims that there have been “no documented incidents of transgender people acting inappropriately in restrooms.” Perhaps that’s true in Iowa, but they might want to check in with the parents at Louden County in Virginia where a “trans girl” was already convicted of sexually assaulting two actual girls in the school restroom. Or they might speak with the parents of two Oklahoma girls who were beaten up by a boy in the girls’ room.

Despite all of that, the AP approvingly quotes Becky Tayler, the executive director of Iowa Safe Schools, an LGBT activist group, who said that the new bill is “a solution to an imaginary problem, all for the sake of bullying trans children.” Taylor apparently doesn’t find the mutilation of children’s genitals or the distortion of their bodies through the use of foreign hormones and puberty blockers to be a problem, imaginary or otherwise.

Sadly, that’s just how the Associated Press is going to roll, along with most of the rest of the legacy media. With that in mind, I will take this opportunity to remind you that we would very much appreciate your support in ensuring that conservative voices countering this sort of media bias continue to be heard by joining our VIP or VIP Gold programs. And if you use the promo code SAVEAMERICA, you’ll get a discount of 40% off of the standard contribution. I would like to personally thank all of you who have already joined and those of you who might consider it in the future.

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