Inadequate Government Water Safety Standards Are Allowing Toxins in Public Water

We take it for granted. We turn on the kitchen or bathroom faucets in our homes and offices with every expectation that the water we receive is uncontaminated and not dangerous to our health.
Unfortunately, pure water has become extinct. In this day and age, we cannot assume that water is pollutant-free—regardless of the source. Just because it comes out of our kitchen faucet, its purity is not guaranteed. Newspapers and television newscasts report almost daily how water pollution is increasing from the sewage and industrial waste being dumped directly into our drinking water sources.
There are always new and emerging contaminants making their way into the water supply. Illegal discharge of these pollutants has been going on for decades, entering our groundwater sources and increasing the level of contamination. Now these contaminants are reemerging in our drinking water….

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