In the Most Moving Hannity of All Time, Father of a Son Who Was Killed in the CHOP Zone in Seattle Shares His Pain Over Losing His Son

In one of the Hannity Shows , the father of a boy slain at Seattle spoke out.  It was a very emotional interview for Hannity and viewers who might see the pain that the dad felt after losing his son senselessly.
Hannity held one of the most riveting interviews of time when his display was brought on by him the dad of a teen slain in the CHOP zone of Seattle that a few weeks ago.  Hannity given the dad ample time to talk about suspicions and his story of losing his son senselessly.
Horace Lorenzo Anderson revealed after his son was shot he wasn’t permitted to see his child at the hospital, and later he died, he wasn’t permitted to watch his sons body to get a week.  Mr. Anderson stated he hasn’t yet been contacted by law enforcement, the mayor, the governor or any politician regarding the matter.  Mr. Anderson cried and shared the feelings of a loving dad who had lost his own son.
Mr. Anderson has been shown a movie of authorities begging the individuals of CHOP to allow them along with emergency personnel to aid in his son’s emergency attention the night that he was captured at CHOP.  The father had not seen the movie and has been moved.  Mr. Anderson had a great friend at his side.

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Mr. Anderson and his buddy couldn’t know exactly what took the town of Seattle and the state of Washington provided that until they tore down the borders surrounding CHOP and chose the entire nightmare down.  Mr. Anderson’s son perished as a result.

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