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‘Immense Sorrow:’ Major Fire at Montreal Heritage Building That Once Housed Monastery

A major fire at a Montreal heritage building was still not under control Friday and authorities were not able to provide a firm timeline of how long it would take to extinguish the blaze.
The fire broke out late Thursday afternoon at the Monastère du Bon-Pasteur, a 19th century former monastery, and quickly became a five-alarm blaze requiring the intervention of 150 firefighters.
Fire Chief Richard Liebmann told reporters Friday that the fire seems to have started in the attic, but bringing it under control hasn’t been easy.
“It’s a fire that’s extremely difficult to extinguish,” Liebmann said. “Because of the nature of the construction, the shape of the building and the construction materials, it’s very difficult to reach the source of the fire, (both) from above and from inside.”…

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