If You Cringe at the Thought of Talking to Your Co-Workers, Follow These 5 Steps for Better Conversations

By Arjun Buxi Conversations at work are a tricky prospect: On the one hand, they involve regular interactions with people we (mostly) know, talking about subjects we ought to be familiar with. Then why do we cringe at the thought of them? If you reflect, there have probably been at least a few conversations where no one listened (or cared) about your views; there was a lack of consensus, and no meaningful action was taken; or the conversation felt repetitive, and an inertia set in. Conversely, there have been some great conversations too: with full alignment, problem-solving and successful planning. In short, we got the job done together, as a team. Related: 14 Proven Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills Let’s figure out a few simple steps to make more of your work conversations great. 1. Listen to Understand The greatest misconception about good communication is that it’s about speaking …

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