Hundreds of Youths Shouting “Allahu Akbar!” Riot and Loot in Stuttgart, Germany (VIDEO)

HUNDREDS of youths rioted and looted in Stuttgart, Germany morning.
The youths were crying”Allahu Akbar” as they spanned many shops in the city center.

TRENDING Reports of’100 Individuals and Various Weapons Fighting’

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Deutsche Welle noted:

Police in Stuttgart have arrested 24 suspects on looting and rioting that surfaced in the city morning.

” he told reporters following officers started carrying drug tests out the city’s most important square, in Schlossplatz, the violence escalated at around midnight.
Police said hundreds of young men and women who’d gathered there began breaking shop windows, smashing on patrol cars and throwing bottles and stones at authorities. Then they tore through the primary shopping district.
Officers estimated that around 500 individuals were involved.
Police President Frank Lutz said the amount of violence against officers had been”unprecedented,” adding that the city’s police presence would be beefed up in the coming weeks to protect against the scenes from being replicated.
“These are amazing events that have left me upset, and that I’ve never seen in all of my 46 years of police assistance,” he said.
He said authorities had ruled out any purpose behind the violence, pointing to youths.

The authorities like to shield the violent”youths” from Germany.
More will come.