HUGE: MASSIVE CDC FRAUD UNCOVERED – CDC Grossly Overcounting Active China Coronavirus Cases Causing States to Keep Their Economies Closed Indefinitely

The CDC is finished counting the number of China coronavirus cases in an apparent effort to keep the nation.  This fraudulent activity was discovered by the far-left Atlantic demonstrating even a clock is correct two times per day. 
On May 21, 2020, the Atlantic reported that the CDC was counting the Amount of cases of individuals using the China coronavirus:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention distorting significant metrics, will be conflating the results of two sorts of coronavirus tests and supplying the nation with an inaccurate picture of the condition of this pandemic. We have heard that the CDC is producing, at best, a mistake that was debilitating : combining test results which diagnose coronavirus infections with test results that measure if someone has had the virus. The upshot is that the nation’s capability to test is being overstated by the disease-fighting bureau of the government. The bureau affirmed it is mixing viral and antibody tests’ results, even though the 2 tests reveal information and are utilized for different factors.
This is not a technical error. Guidelines have been put by states for reopening their savings based on those information points that were flawed.

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Several states–including Pennsylvania, the site of one of the nation’s largest outbreaks, as well as Texas, Georgia, and Vermont–are blending the information in exactly the same way. Virginia also viral and antibody test effects but it reversed course and the governor apologized for the practice when it was covered from the Richmond Times-Dispatch and The Atlantic. Its information was split by maine Vermont authorities claimed they didn’t even know so was being done by them.

By including both active cases with cases that the CDC is overstating the number of cases in america.  Regrettably, countries like Texas and Florida have reset their economical time tables based on this bogus information.
Apparently the CDC is those results.  Forbes reported last week:

A report published in the Government Accountability Office levied criticism for blending cases of this coronavirus and positive antibody tests, which might provide a misleading opinion of nationally testing and spread.

The far-left New York Times reported last week on the report of the GAO:

The report also criticized that the C.D.C.’s launching of coronavirus tests, which unites tests for an active disease and the ones that detect carcinogens. This practice inflates the proportion of Americans that appear to have been analyzed and provides an image of the way the virus is currently spreading round the nation, according to the new report. Following the C.D.C. was criticized for joining the 2 different kinds of tests in its own reports, the agency promised to separate them. But as of June 9it had not solved the issue, the office mentioned.

The way of reporting the number of cases of the CDC is totally flawed.  It is fraudulent.  Individuals who reveal they had the China coronavirus in their counts of people who are diagnosed with this virus are counted by the CDC.  This information is utilized by countries to ascertain whether to open our closed their economies down.
Is there anything about this China coronavirus that is legitimate and true? 
Americans are being played with their own politicians, ignorant medical’experts’ and government agencies.  Who needs enemies when your own government is corrupt?

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