How propaganda works: an example

There is a genocide of trans people going on.

You hear that all the time. It is a highly emotional claim, and if it were true I would be as outraged as any alphabet activist. A trans person just living their life without trying to recruit kids into a cult or demanding special treatment has just as much right to life and peace as anybody else.

Of course, the facts don’t bear that out. Transgender people actually are victims of violent crimes at a much lower rate than the average American. The number of hate crimes is minuscule, and the number of murders is remarkably low. And most of the murders that do happen are of sex workers trying to fool customers into believing they are women. Performing an illegal act and shocking “customers” is a rather dangerous business, although far less dangerous apparently than being a drug dealer.

Still, the propaganda worked. It seems plausible, largely because the average person both thinks trans people deserve to be left alone and that trans people are repulsive, although they rarely say that aloud. People can easily imagine an unhinged person acting out their disgust inappropriately. It almost never happens, but it seems plausible to people.

That’s why, when people saw this video, there was an uproar. It appeared that Italian police were viciously beating an innocent trans person for merely existing.

The University of Miami professor who shared this tweet (others did too) made it appear that police, out of the blue and for no reason, viciously attacked an innocent person for being transgender. If true, that would be appalling.

But as with the claims of “genocide,” the facts are much different than the propaganda.

The person in question is an illegal alien from Brazil, and he got a beating because he undressed in front of schoolchildren entering a school, waved his genitals at them, and threatened to infect all the children with HIV.

Even that did not earn him the beating. He was arrested and put into a police car. Then the drama really began. Via Reduxx:

The incident occurred Wednesday morning just as children entered the Istituto Comprensivo Casa Del Sole, a primary school near Trotter Park. The trans-identified male, who is reported to be a Brazilian national, reportedly exposed his genitals in front of the children as they filed in for class. The man, whose identity has not yet been confirmed, is reported to be without Italian residency.

According to Il Giorno, the man began shouting obscenities at the people in front of the school, saying he would “infect them with his blood” and that he was HIV positive.

Police were called to the scene at approximately 8:15 am, and arrived with ambulance support. Officers were quickly able to apprehend the man and placed him in a police vehicle with the intention of driving him to the nearby station. While in the car, the Brazilian reportedly attempted to self-harm with hair pins in an effort to cause himself to bleed, claiming he wanted to “infect everyone” with HIV/AIDS.

The transport didn’t make it very far before police stopped the vehicle after seeing the trans-identified male “collapse” in the backseat. TG LA7 reported that the concerned officers exited the car and opened the rear doors to check on the suspect, but were violently attacked in response.

Oops. Not quite what was represented to us, is it? He wasn’t beaten for being trans. He wasn’t even beaten for trying to infect the policemen with AIDS. He was attacking them.

Now of course we know that it is the job of every citizen to allow themselves to be attacked by crazed and violent criminals. This has become a matter of doctrine on the Left. But a few people still believe that both citizens and police have the right to protect themselves and even others from harm.

Even if that harm is inflicted by a member of the alphabet mafia.

It’s a strange belief, but a few of us still hold it, and the law agrees.

Leftists have made it very clear that adult male genitalia must be displayed to children, and many states have even decriminalized intentionally exposing people to AIDS without their knowledge or consent. US News considers punishing people for knowingly causing people to contract HIV unconscionable, but a few sane people still hold that it is, in fact, a criminal act.

Remember how the Left considered people not wearing masks a despicable act that makes one a literal murderer unworthy of medical treatment? Apparently intentionally giving people AIDS is A-OK.

Italians are apparently not so enlightened. They still believe that threatening children and attacking police are unacceptable and that police can fight back against somebody who is resisting arrest.


Sometimes hiding facts is as misleading as telling actual lies. The intent is to mislead, or in common parlance today “misinform.” This is the goal of the Left-create an alternate reality in which they are victims and should be celebrated for every act they commit.

Our answer, everywhere and always, should be no. The rules apply to everybody. FAFO.

What do you think?

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