How Fortnite Makes Your Son Aggressive

Note: This piece was written with boys in mind, however, girls have struggles with video games too.  Many parents think it’s an overreaction to believe violent video games make kids violent. We read articles to confirm our bias and we settle on the opinion that video games are a harmless form of entertainment—just like a movie. But the reality is, video games are not a passive activity. Violent video games become a substantial part of your child’s entertainment time. Because of this, he becomes prone to stronger aggressive behavior in real life. I allowed my oldest to play over 7,000 hours of violent video games before he went to college—an average of 3 hours a day for 7 years. I believed the rumors that he was learning problem-solving skills, he was safe at home, and I vaguely recalled something about improving hand-eye coordination. I refused to be one of those parents who …

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