How Does This Guy Keep His Job? Days After Violent BLM Protests, Riots and Lootings – Dr. Fauci Expresses Concern Over Protests Spreading COVID-19

Back in April Dr. Fauci was quick to condemn the anti-Lockdown protesters that had been protesting for their right to earn a dwelling and conduct business.
Fauci awakened into these protests saying ignoring his guidelines could backfire.
But last week Dr. Fauci did not run to the morning shows throughout the George Lloyd protests and riots.
Many protests are more suitable than others.

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On Saturday Dr. Fauci went on the radio to say concern with the”peaceful protests” after many cities had been looted and burned.
Earlier now on GMA Fauci expressed concern from the last week within riots and the protests.
Fauci stated he was not surprised members of their National Guard that had been attacked and abused by angry leftists a week came with the virus.
The Hill mentioned:

Anthony Fauci Wednesday expressed concern that the mass protests against racism and police brutality will spread the novel coronavirus because of a deficiency of social distancing.
Fauci, the leading U.S. infectious disease specialist and member of the White House coronavirus task force, told ABC’s”Good Morning America” he isn’t surprised the members of the Washington, D.C., National Guard who participates in response to the protests had tested positive, but he predicted the development”bothering”
“The issue of physical separation is important. Masks can help, but it’s masks and physical separation, also if you receive congregations like we found with the presentations, like we’ve said — other health officials — that’s taking a risk,” Fauci explained. “Unfortunately, what we’re seeing today is only a good illustration of the sorts of things we had been worried about.”

This guy is a clown.

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