Hong Kong’s Immigration Wave Continues

Since Hong Kong passed the National Security Law (NSL) in 2020, a wave of immigration has been sparked, with over 100,000 people moving overseas. As a result, the 4th International Immigration and Property Expo (II&PE) was held at the Wanchai Convention Centre on March 11 and 12, and 35,000 people pre-registered to attend the event, breaking the previous record.
According to figures released by the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department (C&SD) in February 2023, the net outflow of Hong Kong people reached 60,000 in 2022.
However, Peter Tse, director of the II&PE, believes that the number of immigrants will continue to increase. “According to the statistics of the II&PE organizer on the exhibitors, it was found that there were about 250 seminars on immigration and overseas homeownership every month in the past six months, which is 20 percent more than the statistics from the last exhibition.”…

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