Higher Risk of Vaccine Breakthroughs in People With Substance Use Disorders: US Study

People with substance use disorders (SUDs) are more likely to get infected with COVID-19 and end up with adverse outcomes from the infection, according to an Oct. 5 study published on World Psychiatry (pdf). “Drugs and alcohol affect immune function, which is likely to contribute to the higher risk for infections in individuals with SUD,” reported the study. Led by the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse, the study found that patients with SUDs were more likely to experience vaccine breakthroughs compared to the average vaccinated individual without SUDs. The risk for contracting COVID-19 in vaccinated individuals was found to be 3.6 percent in individuals that do not suffer from substance use disorders. Among SUD patients, those with cannabis or cocaine use disorders were approximately twice as likely as non-substance users to undergo breakthrough infections. Researchers stated that SUD individuals are at higher risk for breakthrough infections because they tend to …

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