Grab This Like-New MacBook Air for Less than $500

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There’s a reason why millions of people still choose to buy Apple products despite their heftier price tags compared to other electronics manufacturers. For one, their ecosystem remains unparalleled, and no other company has replicated its seamlessness and smooth user experience no matter the countless attempts they do. For another, Apple’s slate of products also has better longevity than competitors, so when you buy an Apple device, you know it will be in good working order for years. Of course, Apple continues to be innovative as well, with their products featuring state-of-the-art tech in every release.
If you’ve been loyal to Apple, it’s likely that you’ve already spent thousands upon thousands on their products. The good news is you can change that and save considerably by buying refurbished. You may not be getting a brand new item fresh out of the box, but you’re guaranteed to receive a unit that works like new. This deal on a refurbished MacBook Air is a prime example of that….

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