Government Works to Win Over Disillusioned Senators Concerned with Vaccine Mandates

The Coalition government is working to bring two disillusioned senators back on board after they vowed to withhold their vote on government legislation in Parliament in response to vaccine mandates. Vaccine mandates have finally taken centre-stage on the federal political scene in the final sitting weeks of Parliament after the prime minister weighed in and spoke out against forcing Australians to take the jab. However, Simon Birmingham, the federal finance minister of the Liberal-National Coalition, said the government would not overhaul any mandates. “The government won’t be dictated to. We will do as we’ve always done, which is work with our health advisors,” Senator Birmingham told ABC Radio on Nov. 22. “What I urge any parliamentarian to do is not to hold one issue to another unrelated issue. Each piece of legislation ought to be considered on its merits.” But, Birmingham said the party would respect the stance of the …

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