Google Promises Not to Harm Rivals With New Proposals for Chrome Browser

Google has promised that it will not discriminate against rivals when implementing a new way to target advertising that the UK’s competition regulator worries may harm the market. The U.S. technology giant has pledged that it will not favour its own advertising and advertising technology businesses when designing and operating a new system which will be a major overhaul of how ads work on the Chrome browser. Google is planning to replace so-called third-party cookies with a new “privacy sandbox” sometime next year. It is already running trials. It would mean that instead of traditional third-party cookies, where advertisers are able to track individuals across the websites they visit, users will be split into cohorts. Rather than a person’s browser history being sent to a central location, their own computer will figure out what they like and assign them to a group with similar interests. Online ads will still be …

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